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Frendliest Local

2018, The year of stimulating success and innovation.

What we do

Frendliest Local is a new and vibrant Bermudian small business which aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship and connect customers to the products and services they need through an array of online marketplace platforms.


Stimulate local Bermudian entrepreneurship by providing cost effective avenues to set up an online presence and showcase their products & services


Create an opportunity to test a big dream, build your reputation, create a new revenue source, reach a broader customer base


Connect, communicate, interact directly with Bermudian sellers to get exactly what you want
Beautiful websites.
Building beautiful and user friendly websites that make selling and buying enjoyable.
Frendliest Skillit (live)
A new era of websites is here

Frendliest Skillit is an online service marketplace which features local Bermudian entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses offering super cool services in their field of expertise. These posted services allow customers from all around the world (including Bermuda) to browse and hire a Bermudian to complete the task at a hand. Frendliest Skillit currently features 50+ amazing Skillits spread across 20+ services categories and is growing every day! 

Generating New Ideas.

Our Project Pipeline

We have a number of exciting platform which we are currently building. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or check back periodically to monitor their status!


Platform #2 Development Phase


Platform #3 Development Phase


Platform #4 Development Phase

Making an Impact in Bermuda

Every service, product or activity offered on our platform’s will be offered and supports a local Bermudian entrepreneur or small business. Frendliest Local will create an economic impact for Bermuda as each platform will solely feature Bermudians as the revenue earners

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